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Imminent is a guild formed on the day one release of Guild Wars 2 By 3 friends who have been playing MMOs together for a little over a year. Together we have experience in several MMORPGs; WoW, Rift, SWTOR, GW1, D2/D3 and Order and Chaos Online. 

Our main goal at this time is to recruit as many players as possible. Mainly to see who is going to stay with us, and who can be suited in a better place. At this time, we are doing open recruitment and invitation. We all are also working hard to obtain level 80. We are mainly a PvP guild, but PvE will also be a priority at some point, to cater to those who wish to participate in it. After we get a tightly knit group, we will be inviting friends and family, and keep open recruitment closed unless otherwise needed.
Guild News

Alliance With Grindhouse Gaming [GH] Guild Confirmed!

Ars Immortalis, Sep 5, 12 11:28 PM.
I've recently been speaking with the WvWvW commander of Grindhouse Gaming, and we've been talking about getting an alliance together in the WvWvW matches to make an attempt at balancing out the competition between the three worlds. I'm sure all of you have seen by now that green is highly dominate over us and the other world. So by allying ourselves with them, we are going to try to level the playing field. I'm going to be setting up calendar dates on when we will be getting together to team up with them as a whole guild. They play more often than more of us do, so if you'd like to get in touch with any of them to get together for WvW or anything else after-hours, feel free to do so!

Ventrilo Update

Ars Immortalis, Aug 31, 12 6:07 PM.
Our new Vent server is up and running, guys!


Ars Immortalis, Aug 30, 12 12:22 AM.
I'm going to organize a PvP and a WvW match in the morning on Saturday the 31, and Sunday the 1. Also in the evening of the same days. If you'd like to participate, please be on by 10 am, and 7 pm both days. CST time. Showing up isn't mandatory, this is just a way for me to see how these times work for people, and hopefully we can get to know each other a bit and have some fun! After this weekend I'll be creating a tab on the site where everyone can go and sign up for the events. Have a good evening everyone!
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